Skoda Laura Stage 3 Turbo Upgrade | Garrett

Original price was: ₹95,000.00.Current price is: ₹74,500.00.

Direct Fit Upgrade turbo  for Skoda Laura 2.0 Tdi
Bolt-On Performance
Upto 200HP
OEM Garrett Motion Turbocharger
Gaskets Included


Skoda Laura Stage 3 turbo – Direct Bolt-On Upgrade for:

Skoda Laura 2.0 TDi
Volkswagen Jetta 2.0 Tdi

This Garrett bolt-on Turbo is capable of 200hp and is  plug and play  upgrade for the Skoda Laura 2.0 TDI Common Rail Engine.

A Custom remap is required post installation. We do not advise driving with the standard map or any Stage 1, Stage 2 / Stage 2+ map.

This turbo is capable of upto 200hp smoke free. Maximum power requires a Decat Downpipe, Intake and Intercooler Upgrade.

Kit includes:

Skoda Laura TDI stage 3 turbo – Manufactured by Garrett Motion
Oval Port Exhaust Manifold Gasket
Downpipe V-Band Gasket


Is this the CR177, CR180, CR190, GTC1549 or GTB1 Turbo?
This turbo is commonly called the CR177, CR180, CR190, GTC1549 or GTB1 Turbo. Please note that these are all internet terminologies for the same and there is no other bolt-on OEM turbo for this car apart from this one.

What is the warranty on this part?
All Garrett Turbos are offered with a 6 Month Manufacturers Warranty against any manufacturing defect. Turbo failure occurring due to improper installation, foreign object damage , over speeding of the turbo shaft are not covered under warranty.

Who will install the turbo for me?
We recommend contacting your tuner/tuning partner prior to purchasing. We do not offer installation services as we only play the role of a distributor.

Who will remap the car for me ?
You can reach out to any of the tuning companies across India, they all have fantastic maps for this turbo.

I want more than 200Hp do you have an upgrade for me ?
If you are looking for more power, we recommend reaching out to Darkside Developments for one of their hybrid turbos. You can find them at